Super Smash Bros Ultimate s Stage Builder Is Already Home To Some Inappropriate Content

Super Smash Bros Ultimate s Stage Builder Is Already Home To Some Inappropriate Content


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Super Smash Bros Ultimate s Stage Builder Is Already Home To Some Inappropriate Content

Super Smash Bros

Ultimate’s Stage Builder Is Already Home To Some Inappropriate Content Nintendo Life Because of course it is by Share: Version 3

0 has only been live for a matter of hours, but players are already misusing one of the update’s biggest features

The Stage Builder, which returns to the series after initially being left out of Ultimate, allows players to create their own custom stages and share them with the world


It’s a neat feature, and one that can really show off players’ creativity while simultaneously offering lots of new content for everyone else to enjoy

Unfortunately, though, there are some people in the world who simply cannot resist filling in a blank canvas with something inappropriate

We’ve included one of the mildest offenders we could find below (edited for language)

For pretty obvious reasons, we won’t include anything which goes beyond this on these pages, but you can see more examples – consisting of an odd, cardboard-looking NSFW scene and a distasteful image of the September 11 attacks – courtesy of if you like


We’re all for open creativity, and players should feel free to design stages however they like, but this is a game classified as ‘E for Everyone’; younger players and anyone expecting a family-friendly experience shouldn’t be subjected to things that don’t fall under that classification

As such, we’d expect Nintendo to swoop in and delete anything inappropriate pretty sharpish

Have you been checking out Stage Builder? How have you been getting on? [source , via ] Related Games Share: About Ryan can list the first 151 Pokémon all in order off by heart – a feat he calls his ‘party trick’ despite being such an introvert that he’d never be found anywhere near a party

He’d much rather just have a night in with Mario Kart and a pizza, and we can’t say we blame him


Comments ) I have already made one p*nis stage

Last time we got featured on Kotaku lmao This is why we cant have nice things This is why we can’t have nice things

jinx! All publicity is good publicity Nintendo:

cancels Super Mario Maker 2 Especially after 9/11 attack references – a rather clear indication that at this point some people are blatantly on a quest to find just how much they can get away with


Considering how detailed the Stage Builder is this time

It’s going to get much worse I’m all for freedom of expression and pushing the stage builder to its limits, but why do people feel the need to post these stages? Make all the phallic, blasphemous and irreverent battle arenas your heart desires, but keep them to yourself, please

So Mario isn’t allowed to pee, but Wario is allowed to fart? I think Nintendo should get really strict about this and give players a single warning for uploading content depicting an inappropriate image and on the second strike the players should get their account banned and their console banned from specifically uploading/sharing any custom stages ever again, that way they can’t use alt accounts on the same system nor alt systems with the same account as a way around the ban! You can’t be serious This had better not lead to them gutting it like the 3ds swapnote

Press F to remember Nintendo Switch eShop reviews Omg people never change If we’re going to be honest with ourselves, almost every single stage uploaded to this will either be “meme-y” or inappropriate


Eh, any sort of player content is the same

If this Smash online platform is any good then hopefully the great stages will float to the top amidst all the sh**e

Meh, whatever




Oh jeez, that September 11th one

**muffled giggle** Crude humor like this is the reason we don’t have any messaging on Switch

Nintendo is too scared of being blamed for when some group of pervs starts using their platform to share child porn or some terrorists start plotting an attack


You think that’s ridiculous? Sony and Microsoft were both investigated because there were rumors of ISIS using their services to avoid being tracked on more traditional communication services

The overwhelming majority of people wont do anything worse than making a phallic shaped stage in a video game but when we are talking about millions of users of something, a few poison apples always slip through

The internet is relentlessly ironic and holds nothing sacred, and that’s at its best

Nintendo might be surprised by this, because they seem perpetually surprised by internet culture, but they’re probably the only ones? And by this point I doubt even they are


Tell that to the 9/11 victims

I f ing love the mario pissing meme Rule 34 never fails

Funny to read so many comments like “these are made by immature little kids” or “younger players” Really? Y’all think so? I bet half of these are coming from adults

When it comes to the internet with this stuff, it’s not a matter of when it will happen, but how fast and how much


I did happen to come across a stage where you play on a woman’s large boobs (non-nude afaik)

Part of me was like “it hasn’t even been 10 hours yet”

The other part was like tempted to download just to see how it plays, probably gone now

It’s the internet, what did you expect? This is how it starts


The anger, the rage

The feeling of hopelessness, that turns good men

Cruel I saw the first offense on the app literally 5 minutes into it going live

it made me so mad like can y’all just grow up????? It’s not even funny anymore


Man I hate people sometimes

This is why Nintendo always has a stranglehold on things like online and allowing sharing

I was so excited to see Nintendo allow videos and stages to be shared and the first thing people do is ruin it

And people are proud of it! WHY? It shows zero humor, zero creativity, and is just a play for the lowest common denominator of laughs


I might try to make a stage, but atm, my shaggy mii is on the popukar mii page which is nice Class, really liked what you did there NL «pretty sharPISH»fomtl I laughed out loud because of the Notre Dame one I agree, warnings and bans should be given instead of punishing the whole community

Still no water? Wow

But I’m still happy that this mode has returned

The penis and other sexual stages are hilarious and I likeThe 9/11


I don’t like Harassment of people is the major problem with online interactions, not off-color jokes

I have no problem with the pee or dick joke stuff, and honestly the 9/11 jokes really don’t bother me, either

(I’m American and grew up in New York, btw

) That Climax stage is uhhh


pretty interesting

Why are people so upset about this? I agree that it’s childish humor, but it’s nothing more than that

SSBU is PEGI 12+, I think that these souls can handle a picture of a pissing mario or a badly drawn penis

But banning people over an immature map, seriously? That is, in my opinion, just as immature as the creators themselves


And cue the incoming articles from various gaming ‘journalists’ about toxic masculinity and sexism being rife in the gaming community

You know its going to happen This will all blow over before long and its only happened because its a new feature that people are going to initially do silly things like this

Give it few weeks and these stupid stages will be replaced and vastly outnumbered by people using it to make great ones

Honestly the whole being offended culture is the reason censorship is going to become more prevalent and that’s the real problem that no one with common sense wants I doubt many are offended by the immature sexual stuff, but we’ve been around enough to know often a handful ruin it for the rest of us


Nintendo has neutured or removed programs before to combat this stuff, and so one person’s extremely stupid stage could end up with us losing a mode

It is the frustration since kindergarten of a few idiots ruining it for everyone

Reminder : The first recorded English joke was a penis joke

Also calm down, Nintendo isn’t gonna cut a new mode that took a measure of time and money to develop for just because little Timmy thought it would be funny to upload a stage with a Swastika


First of All who even does this that aint cool at all

Sure you are

WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A lot of people in the world evolves to more perversion

No wonder why not Nintendo doesn’t want to deal with message/image sharing directly


i’m pretty sure its the children who are doing this to begin with You would think so, but all of the Twitter accounts so proud of their immature stages are adults

Okay okay, have your fun with your dong stages

Just don’t post it! And whoever posted the 9/11 one, wtf is wrong with you

Like a wise man once said: «Give a man a pencil and he’ll draw a p*nis»


You must be pretty young if that’s your stance on the topic

Well, that already happened on the 3DS IIRC

There was this little app that allowed you to send to your friends photos and drawings and they shut it down because some people started asking for pics to children and even sending d*ck pics to them

I don’t know the specifics, but it blew up with Pokémon XY since there was this feature called friend safari, which encouraged people to add friends to be able to get special Pokémon


Some idiots saw the chance and lured kids to add them and well, you can imagine the rest

It is truly concerning

Meanwhile i spent a few hours making a pacman maze stage

Shame on me for being too mature for the internet xD That is the stuff we should be holding up


I’d like to check your stage out

NLFJ7X5M Its not great i ran out of space and the ghosts are like tetris blocks ahaha Edit : updated code to my new maze

Added clyde

Changed textures


Added better hazards

Updated ghost paths

Figured out if you draw t shapes as one instead of two blocks you can place more

Is it too soon? lol Don’t be so prudish


It’s funny, come on

I’m not so much offended by the content as worried that Nintendo will overreact and shut it all down

Even if they don’t, all this trash does at least make it difficult to find actually good levels

Well I better post the 70th comment before anyone gets any more silly ideas


Anyone found any real decent ones yet? To be honest Mario Maker was filled with auto run and instant death levels

How’s that not offensive to all the people out there putting effort in

You’re flooding hard workers with your trash

At least two people intercoursing missionary is a creative stage


Might even be fun to play on

That 11/9 stage is just sad and old

Just make a Bataclan one if you’re out to offend

I love the “This is why Nintendo doesn’t do online” idea


I bet that same argument was a real winner when Little Big Planet came out on PS

Finally, someone gets it

They shouldn’t be too Strict tbh

Mario is P!$$ing was the name of a stage last night


I adore that name! I love ban hammer season

I dunno, I quite enjoyed the ‘Climax’ stage I much rather breast jokes

Already called out your bait

Too slow to keep up? :I already responded


Like 7 minutes ago

Unless you’re referring to another comment i don’t know about

Guess you are too slow then Stop your Crowing, before I call you out for the Devil that you are

Ten Speed


of God’s blood and burial

Are you One Among the Fence also? Ok

Indeed I am one of the children

However, I don’t possess all the comics yet


How about yourself? Were you at Neverender? Yeah, Swapnote, right? I don’t have any of the comics

I’m looking to get them but everywhere I go they only have a few issues and I’m looking for trade paperbacks

When it comes to concerts I always hear about them late or I’m flat broke

I have all their stuff on Spotify and they are easily my favorite band


Claudio has the voice of an angel and he’s so talented

Their music is just on a whole other level

Eh, just the Internet being the Internet

I like the fact that the Mario Peeing stage’s size is «big»





Mario ate too much mushrooms ?? «mama Mia!» Yeah, sadly the best place to go is probably eBay, although they can run up quite a price


I cant lie, I got them for free online and used Mcomics to view whilst listening to the corresponding albums

Great experience! I did purchase all the albums, though, so I don’t feel too bad

Which album do you listen to most? To those who don’t want their creation being wasted, do keep in mind that all contents created once upload for online sharing will have to go through Nintendo first before those creation could either be accepted or rejected

How it will get accepted or rejected depends on if it violate Nintendo’s terms of service


That means if the creation contain inappropriate contents or depict such controversial image then those may be rejected so yeah do play nice or your creation may very well be a waste of time

Otherwise if you do plan to not share your stuff do go nuts


You can’t say «p***ing» on here? I understand that some words are banned here (it’s a kid friendly site after all), but «p***»? Like in «taking a p***»? LOL! I’m glad I live in Sweden


It seems we view what is offensive language differently than UK and US

Regarding the stages: immature stuff made by immature people

Kids will be kids

(If the creator is old enough to vote then that is rather depressing


) P*** is considered crass

Yeah and kids are naturally immature

Grown ups who do this are




I guess it’s cultural

We have a Swedish version of «p***» (basically the same word), which is the little more vulgar (or adult) version of «kissa» (peeing), but it’s not considered offensive as for example «f***»

It might not be the best choice of word if you’re going to a fancy dinner party and needs to go to the bathroom (it seems a bit uneducated) or to use in more formal writing, but in daily use, no one really cares


You wouldn’t get censored for writing it in a Swedish comment section for example, just like you wouldn’t for writing the Swedish version of «d**n» (don’t know if it’s allowed here, so I’ll censor it myself), if not directed at someone as an insult of course

Some people are even trying to normalize the Swedish vulgar versions of «penis» and «vagina», especially among youths

I work at a library and some of the continuing ed educational literature we have for teenagers that is about sex and relationships, use these words more than the medical terms

I think the writers wants to speak the same language as the teens, to get them interested in important stuff as showing respect for each other, and rub away the negative stamps of these words


In a way I can respect that, even though I myself never would use such language if it became normalized

I think it’s worse when someone uses bad words to call another person something derogatory

Then it’s on another level

For example when girls or women are called the vulgar version of «prostitute», which sadly is common today, both in school and online, all around the world


@Supadav0 It’s not the adults

I was playing on it with my friends and cousins and there were a lot of them there, about 25

Everyone made at least 1 stage with a penis or sexual content, and the youngest there who was 6 made the most stages with penises on

The oldest there was only 15


So no its not the adults, the majority are kids because that’s just what they do Gonna laugh if they decide to make an example out of people and hand out bans

You agreed that they could when you clicked the agreement too

Thank god that third party messaging app is coming to switch for real messaging and voice chat

Most games are already being updated to support it, such as Paladins and Arena of Valor


Thats why we need this kid friendly

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