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The Smart Search feature lets you search your database with just keywords. is a powerful online MongoDB GUI with an intuitive UI even Stock Analysis in Python for non-technical users. Here is the list of most popular MongoDB GUI tools for your business with it’s top features, use, and download link.

mongodb explorer

The document-oriented database that we all fell in love with. Robo 3T integrates with MongoDB’s shell to give you full power over stock tools. Whatever platform you use today — Robo 3T is available for you.

You can write JSON Schema validation rules using an editor that suggests BSON data types and validation keywords as you write. The best MongoDB GUI for you depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, your comfort with writing queries and command lines, and your team. If you want to completely avoid the command line, MongoDB’s Compass is probably the most appropriate natively integrated GUI out there. If you want a simple application that has a well-supported community, Robo 3T is the best GUI.

Use the MongoDB Atlas Kubernetes Operator to automate and manage Atlas services from your Kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes operators are controllers that extend the Kubernetes API to create, configure, and manage instances of applications or services. Compass enables you to easily import and export JSON and CSV files to and from your collections. Add new indexes and remove underperforming ones to optimize queries, monitor real-time server and database metrics, investigate performance issues with the visual explain plan, and more.

Click Settings.

If the primary is unavailable, the Cloud Manager UI reads from a non-hidden, non-delayed secondary member. Create and run aggregation pipelines to process your data. You were redirected from a different version of the documentation. Robo The 10 best face recognition apps for Android and iOS 3T is one of the most popular GUI for MongoDB users. A fast and simple admin panel template Save hundreds of hours with pre-made templates, integrations, and components. Dropdown allow users to select one value from a list of options.

Owned by the 3T Software Labs, this MongoDB GUI tool lets you directly write SQL queries . Connect to your databases and APIs, and build your own tools in minutes. NoSQL Manager comes with a MongoDB UI Shell that offers code autocompletion, syntax highlighting, and hints. Autocompletion takes much of the guesswork out of MongoDB management, helping you by autocompleting things like the collection names and methods in MongoDB Shell commands.

  • Write complex aggregate queries with greater confidence and accuracy.
  • Save exports as tasks that you can run on-demand or schedule for later, whether on your local machine or a remote server.
  • Layout widgets give you an alternative to the default table view, allowing you to display specialized data.
  • Compass enables you to easily import and export JSON and CSV files to and from your collections.
  • Built once, you can access your database GUI from any end-user portal.

Instead of using tables and rows as in the traditional relational databases, MongoDB makes use of collections and documents. Robo 3T is the popular free GUI for MongoDB enthusiasts. This lightweight, open-source tool has cross-platform support and also embeds the mongo shell within its interface to provide both shell and GUI-based interaction. It is developed by 3T Software, the team behind Studio 3T, the IDE for MongoDB.

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Loads of tutorials, guides, and forums are available if you get stuck—just search. TablePlus is a modern, native GUI tool for relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and NoSQL databases like MongoDB. The TablePlus team consists of founder Henry Pham and Windows developer Raccoon Thai.

mongodb explorer

There’s JSON View with a built-in editor for real-time, lossless editing. Then there’s Table View – the most powerful of all – which can handle any document size and lets you hide columns and step into cells and columns, even array-valued ones. Set the Server, Database, User, and Password connection properties to connect to MongoDB. To access MongoDB collections as tables you can use automatic schema discovery or write your own schema definitions.

This is an exciting new step for Robo 3T and its community, which will benefit users and the wider MongoDB ecosystem. Click here to read Dmitry’s blog explaining the reasons behind the deal and check the FAQ. Studio 3T Free will also import your Robo 3T connection settings. As 3T has been responsible for Robo 3T, we have ensured that they work well alongside each other. Create and run aggregation pipelines to process data in your collections. The Cloud Manager UI uses the Automation to retrieve all data.

Robo 3T is now Studio 3T Free

Table display the output of a query and control your table appearance and the visible columns. Robo 3T is an open-source, platform-agnostic, lightweight GUI for MongoDB. Formerly known as Robomongo, the company was bought in 2017 by 3T Software Labs and rebranded . MongoDB is a NoSQL database that more than a quarter of developers use in some capacity.

Enjoy all the newest features, improvements, and bug fixes— minus the manual install. You’ll simply be notified that an update is available and all you’ll need to do is to restart the app. Prevent unwanted data from appearing in your collections. Enforce JSON schema and configure validation options and levels in just a few clicks. With just one right-click of your mouse, you can assign, for example, a red color to your live MongoDB database to ensure that you can easily differentiate between live and test databases. CData Drivers Real-time data connectors with any SaaS, NoSQL, or Big Data source.CData Connect Cloud Universal consolidated cloud data connectivity.

ClusterControl offers fully automated security, maintaining the integrity of the database infrastructure. In this MongoDB tool, it is possible to deploy and manage various open source database technologies from a single console. The MongoDB Database Tools are a collection of command-line utilities for working with a MongoDB deployment. These tools release independently from the MongoDB Server schedule enabling you to receive more frequent updates and leverage new features as soon as they are available. See the MongoDB Database Tools documentation for more information. Easily explore and manipulate your database with Compass, the GUI for MongoDB.

Intuitive and flexible, Compass provides detailed schema visualizations, real-time performance metrics, sophisticated querying abilities, and much more. MongoDB Shell is the quickest way to connect to MongoDB. Use the embedded, intuitive builder to construct powerful aggregation pipelines in a matter of clicks. Add sequential stages to your pipeline and automatically preview data as it progresses through each phase. Extract key insights such as yearly regional revenue, user churn, and more.

Drag and drop aggregation pipeline builder

Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Food delivery tracker Build a customer support tool tailored to food delivery and two-sided marketplaces use cases. Button trigger actions that do things like run queries, export data, or open other apps. Layout widgets give you an alternative to the default table view, allowing you to display specialized data. Most programmers use VS Code as part of their development kit.


Import and export JSON and CSV files into your database — in a few clicks. View index utilization and add or remove indexes to improve query performance. Create pipelines from 200+ operators — and export in your preferred language to use within your app. Studio 8 skills you need to be a good Python developer 3T will now remember which tabs you last had open and will always restore them on start — a real time saver. With Studio 3T, experience many of the benefits of the latest MongoDB version, 5.0, and enjoy full compatibility with versions 3.0 and higher.

In fact, this GUI already comes with a number of useful and popular utility modules — like lodash, moment, bluebird, ShellJS, and math.js — in the global scope, ready to use. Mongo Management Studio is another effective tool for MongoDB management. It is possible to execute all the regular MongoDB commands without using the MongoDB shell. Desktop tools, CLIs, utilities, and integrations that enhance your experience of working with MongoDB.

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